We are a team of change makers
& there is room for you to join

Our values are ingrained in everything we do

Our purpose is our north star

Our mission is deeply embedded in our minds and hearts. How we get there might change, but the final destination is clear.

We put autonomy over control

We are guided by the principles of high responsibility with high freedom. The stronger our alignment, the more freedom we enjoy, and the more responsibilities we take on.

We roll with YES mindset

We are not fans of mediocracy, and we often step out of our comfort zones to bring the best results. We go the extra mile and take great pride in doing so.

We speak up openly

We celebrate openness and transparency, regardless of hierarchies. We don’t shy away from difficult conversations. We receive and give candid feedback, frequently and respectfully.

We care about our impact

We understand our actions have an impact on individuals, societies, and the environment. We act responsibly and mindfully, with a firm belief in integrating purpose with profit.

We nurture ourselves

As individuals, we believe in connecting on a human-level before all else. Individual well-being is an essential component of our culture. We invest in building trust, with zero tolerance for any discrimination or aggression.

Our Neemers enjoy a set of meaningful perks and benefits

We are creating an environment where each of us can thrive, with space for growth, friendships, and purpose. Flexibility, shared ownership, and recognition are core principles of our Neem culture.

Meaningful compensation

We believe in recognising people’s value. Neemers enjoy a rewarding compensation plan that recognises their skills and contributions to our vision and culture.

Shared ownership via ESOPs

We offer Employee Stock Option Plans (ESOPs) to every Neemer, embracing joint ownership in what we are building together.

Flexible workplaces

Enjoy working with other Neemers from our offices in Karachi or Islamabad, and opt for flexibility when needed and possible.

Flexible leaves

Rest and rejuvenate with our generous leave policy. Guided by the principles of high freedom and high responsibility, you can unlock 8 weeks of flexible leaves per year.

Tech allowance

As a new joiner, you receive a one-time technology tools allowance, empowering you to get what you need to do your best work.

Well-being benefits

We prioritise our mental, emotional, and physical health through regular well-being sessions. You also receive a dedicated health and well-being benefits.

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Important tips for applicants

Inclusive hiring

We value your unique self and encourage applicants from all backgrounds, experiences, gender, age, economic and social identities to apply.

Avoid fees

Applying for jobs at Neem is free and we will not be charging you any recruiting fees.

Transparent communication

We will communicate with you exclusively from our official email domain ‘neem.io’.

Planet friendly

We care for our environment and accept only digital resumes and applications.

How we hire

We understand that recruitment processes can be often stressful. However, we are committed to making your experience smooth and transparent.


Your first step. Submit your profile through our careers page. Information required will be about your experience, motivations and skills.


Your chance to get to know us. Our chance to get to know you. Your interviews will be with your lead, other Neemers and our People & Culture team.


Our time to understand better your skills. This might be a take-home challenge or a task-based interview.

Final stages

We look for people who share our values and contribute to the growth of Neem. This stage is to finalise our conversations and provide feedback.

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