Embedded financial wellness infrastructure for your business

Neem enables digital platforms across industries to offer financial services to their underserved customers.


Level up your business with embedded finance

Our embedded finance solutions can help your digital platform expand revenue streams, create unique value propositions, and attract new customers while strengthening relationships with existing users.

Increase product stickiness

Create stickier products by integrating financial services like payments, lending, and insurance directly within the user journeys on your platform, and motivate customers to keep coming back.

Expand revenue streams

Open up new revenue streams and increase profitability for your business by earning fees from interchange, co-branded cards, lending offerings and more.

Build insights-driven products

Generate rich data on users’ financial behaviours and preferences to drive targeted marketing and personalised product design, making the overall user experience more customer-centric.


Effortlessly embed finance with speed and ease

We make it easier for any digital platform to add financial services to their product. We handle all the intricate details behind the scenes – compliance, partnerships, and technical integrations – so you can focus on what truly matters: your customers.

Build and launch faster

With our comprehensive suite of APIs, SDKs, developer tools, and guides, get ready to build and launch in a matter of weeks.

Best in class technology

Our technology infrastructure is reliable and robust. We collaborate with top technology partner to strengthen our platform.

Fully compliant & secure

We streamline all necessary compliance and security functions while ensuring data protection and system integrity.


All of banking, with one platform

One platform to build and embed financial experiences into your product.

Bank accounts

Enable your customers to connect or create digital bank accounts within your platform, and support your business needs with features like fund transfer, bill payments, ATMs, and more.

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Offer your customers eco-friendly physical or virtual co-branded debit cards, directly from your platform, and enable easy access to funds, financial control, and reward programs.

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Business payments

Boost your business growth with our all-in-one solution. Streamline and automate digital collections, disbursements, billing, and invoicing with ease.

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Empower your customers with seamless access to funds tailored to their financial needs. Customise lending and repayment processes to align with your business goals.

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Start building in minutes with our easy APIs

Save engineering time and resources with our powerful APIs and SDKs, allowing you greater control as you build innovative financial solutions. Our platform is designed with developers in mind, to quickly build, prove, test, and launch to customers.

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Cloud-native APIs

Our cloud-based technology offers seamless integration through our robust and secure APIs, enabling swift implementation and launch in weeks.

Comprehensive guides

Our guides and API documentation will walk you through everything, from the basics of building financial products to the advanced mechanisms to keep them running smoothly.

Third party integrations

Play around with our built-in integrations, granting you more control and flexibility to build innovative financial solutions that suit your customers.


Financial wellness is our north star

Our goal is to prioritise holistic financial wellness over just offering a bank account. Our approach, as represented by the Financial wellness pyramid, provides individuals and businesses with access to a complete life-cycle of financial products.

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WeatherWalay integrates with Neem to offer embedded payments to its customers

July 11, 2024

Partnership updates

WeatherWalay integrates with Neem to offer embedded payments to its customers

WeatherWalay integrates with Neem to empower their customers with faster, secure and convenient payments within their platform.

From Pakistan to the world: Neem enters fintech associations in Singapore and MENA

April 16, 2024

Company updates

From Pakistan to the world: Neem enters fintech associations in Singapore and MENA

In a strategic move, Neem joins MENA & Singapore fintech associations to contribute to shaping the global fintech landscape.

How to design an impactful team-building: Lessons from our Neem retreat

December 19, 2023

Life at Neem

How to design an impactful team-building: Lessons from our Neem retreat

Venturing beyond the office, our offsite unveiled fresh perspectives and exciting experiences. Here's how you can achieve the same.

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