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Payments infrastructure

Robust payments infrastructure built for your business growth

Integrate a comprehensive banking-as-a-service solution into your platform. We provide accounts, cards, collection, disbursement and more embedded features to empower your customers.

Neem ID

A unique digital identity that grants users of any digital platform exclusive access to the Neem ecosystem enabling users to create or link bank accounts, wallets, and cards for improved payment experience.

Seamless identity for meaningful payment experiences

Built-in authentication

Ensure secure access to financial data by verifying user identity and ownership of bank accounts, cards, and wallets through our authentication protocols.

Interoperable identity

A unified identity that can be easily integrated into multiple digital platforms, granting frictionless access to verified user financial data.

Connected payments

Allow users to link their preferred payment methods such as accounts and cards to Neem ID across multiple platforms for easy access and smooth transactions.

Access to customer data

Securely access users' consented financial data on usage, needs, and spending patterns to optimise your products for enhanced customer satisfaction.

Stay ahead with feature-rich digital bank accounts

Built-in compliance

Ensure secure access to financial data by verifying user identity and ownership of bank accounts, cards, and wallets through our authentication protocols.

Funds transfer

Seamlessly integrate fund transfers into your platform. Enable customers to send and receive money using unique IBANs or Raast, Pakistan's instant payment system.

Cash-in Cash-out

Simplify cash deposits and withdrawals for your customers. Utilise our agent network and pre-configured integrations for convenient cash-in and cash-out transactions.

Bill payments

Drive customer loyalty with integrated bill payments. Enable users to conveniently pay utilities, top-up mobiles, and more from your platform using their bank accounts.

Payment gateway

Our gateway API offers a smooth payment solution for your digital platform to receive payments from customers. With full integration into your platform, our gateway ensures a secure and efficient payment experience for your customers.

Integrated with

Seamless payment collection via integrated gateway

Easy integration and onboarding

Simplify payment system integration with our gateway API and pre-configured KYC protocols, ensuring seamless customer onboarding on your platform.

Wide payments options

Simplify payments for your customers with our gateway API supporting Visa, MasterCard, UnionPay International, PayPak, bank accounts, and mobile wallets.

Simplified payments tracking

Streamline payment tracking and reconciliation for your customers with our secure system and pre-configured invoicing solution.


With our card issuing API, you can offer physical or virtual co-branded debit cards to your customers directly from your platform. Empower your customers with planet-friendly cards, easy funds access, financial control, and engaging rewards programs.

Powered by

Fully integrated card experiences for your customers

Physical & virtual cards

Issue virtual cards for immediate use or create custom-designed physical cards to make a lasting brand impression with seamless support from design to delivery.

Card controls

Empower customers with full card control on your platform with features like activation, freezing, card reporting, and more.

Co-branded cards

Launch co-branded debit cards that reflect your brand, values, and foster customer loyalty with customisable design, functionality, and benefits.

Planet-friendly cards

Among pioneers in Pakistan, Neem offers payment cards made of recycled materials, taking a small but significant step towards a greener future, together.

Business payments

Collection and disbursement

Streamline your business collections and disbursements with our powerful APIs to optimise financial control, and drive growth. Accept instant or recurring payments via popular methods like cards and funds transfer and manage reimbursements, paybacks, vendor payments, and more with our disbursement solution.

Billing and invoicing

Our billing and invoicing suite works seamlessly with our collection and disbursement offering, making it easy for your digital platform to automate accounts receivable, collect payments, and reconcile transactions. With Neem, you can manage all your business payments conveniently in one place.

Comprehensive payment solution built for businesses


Effortlessly integrate our business payments suite into your websites and mobile apps. Our API and SDKs ensure a hassle-free implementation that sets you up for success.

End-to-end invoicing management

Our all-in-one solution lets you create, customise, and send invoices in minutes, without coding. Access detailed reports on your personalised dashboard, saving your time.

Realtime settlement & reconciliation

Maximise your cash flows with instant settlements tailored to your preferences. Enjoy the flexibility of customising the processes to manage your finances your way.

Insights and

Use our intuitive dashboard to unlock insights from financial data, transaction logs, and customer spending patterns to optimise products, and enhance customer experience.

Let’s build the future of financial wellness for your customers together

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