Embedded lending

Empower your customers with seamlessly embedded lending solutions tailored to their needs

Our embedded lending model

Build your complete credit offering with our embedded digital lending stack. Extend lending products to your customers to deepen your relationships and boost your revenue model.

Access to capital

We enable access to a loan book at market competitive rates and handle the relevant contractual and compliance process for you.

Integrated payments

Integrate our payment solutions to streamline your lending process and handle collections and disbursements in real-time with a great customer experience.

Access customer insights

Leverage customer s' financial data, from borrowing habits to repayment patterns, to optimise your existing lending products and develop new ones for enhanced offerings.

Streamlined compliance

We simplify lending operations by handling all compliance and regulatory matters like KYC, AML and fraud checks, so you can focus on growing your business.

Cash-on-delivery financing

COD financing empowers MSMEs such as e-commerce sellers with immediate liquidity by providing upfront cash. It offers an instant account receivable solution, eliminating prolonged settlements and cash flow troubles.

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Airtime lending

Eliminate the inconvenience of running out of credit for your customers by ensuring uninterrupted mobile connectivity with airtime lending. Offer your customers personalised airtime loans via USSD, SMS or voice at their time of need.

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Term loans

Boost your revenue by offering your customers term loans based on their behavioural data. You can choose from a variety of term loan options tailored to meet their unique financial needs. This offering allows flexible repayment terms over a pre-determined tenure.

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Earned wage access

We understand that fostering a motivated and financially stable workforce is key. Our Earned Wage Access product, designed to benefit both your organisation and your valued employees, will help you enhance employee retention, and boost productivity while easing financial distress for your people.

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Let’s build the future of financial wellness for your customers together

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